Monmouth IL Photographer | Foxy Lady MMA Fighter Jenna Fox

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Jenna “Foxy Lady” Fox (9-0) is an extremely talented fighter in women’s MMA. She is humble, driven and surprisingly super sweet for a girl who loves to beat people up.  We have known each other for a while and I have been fortunate enough to see at least three of her awesome fights.  I’m always impressed with her calm and calculated approach in the ring.  I don’t know a lot about fighting, but it’s pretty obvious that Jenna is dedicated and passionate about her craft.  It’s also very cool to work with someone my age who understands the obstacles that a young woman can face in pursuing her dreams, whatever those may be.   Robert Bentley was nice enough to let us use his awesome gym for our photo shoot.  We had a lot of fun at Legacy Martial Arts gym in Quincy.  I hope you enjoy these photos and be on the look out because I’m sure we will work together again soon!


Dear Jadyn | 3 Months

Dear Jadyn,

I hope that one day you stop looking at me like I am a crazy person for having that big black camera in your face all the time.  Maybe one day you will even think it’s cool that you have an “aunt” that likes to follow you around and document your life.  Probably not, but that’s okay I will still be here with a camera in hand anyway :)  You are now over three months old.  Which seems so crazy to me.. It’s been a year since your Mommy told me that she was pregnant, little did she know then that she would be having a perfect baby girl.   I remember going to an appointment with your Mommy and getting to see you move in an ultrasound.  It was so awesome and it made me cry!  You are now smiling and cooing a lot, and I get so happy when I see you and get to hold you!  I can tell how much you love your Mommy by the way you respond to her voice and her touch.  You two are going to be best friends I just know it.  You got to meet your “cousin” little Jacob last weekend, who is also a special baby to me..  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take some photos of the two of you together, which is hard since Aunt Elle lives hours away.  I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow, and capture sweet smiles and laughs.  I know soon you will be sitting up by yourself, and then crawling, and then TALKING.  Knowing your Mommy since we were 13, I am a little scared to hear what will come out of your adorable mouth :) Shh don’t tell Mommy I said that! ;)  I am so happy to even know you- and I know that you are destined for great things in this world.   When it’s time for me to have my own little babies, I know that they will love you and you will probably be best friends just like me and your Mommy.   Love you Jadyn!

-Aunt Lyssa